The best French craftsmanship to give life back to the balmoral boot of my grand-grand-father.

With a discrete and unique « S » line, his special tab on the back, our Balmoral is the iconic boot.

After two years of research and development, my last –  handmade in Cholet –finally results in the perfect aesthetic  and comfort.


A Goodyear-welted or Blake-stitched construction that lasts long and allows you to re-sole.

Your foot will be molded thanks to the unique technique of the cork-sheet filling.

A smooth box-calf leather from Puy-en-Velay Tanneries, because of their perfect shades.


An extra-slow vegetable-tanned leather-sole from Armendarits, in Pays Basque, for a smooth and tough sole that will walk with you through time.

A closed-channel cut into the sole for a clean look and protect the sole from the water.

You can choose the color of the leather or even create your personal design as our friends from Blitz Motorcycles.

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